Frequently Asked Questions

What sets apart the TLG Tutoring Centre from others?

We are the only tutoring provider in Perth that donates 100% of all profit to charity, Teach Learn Grow. All proceeds from the Tutoring Centre go towards funding Teach Learn Grow's efforts to bridge the education gap in Western Australia through providing free one-on-one tuition to students living in remote and rural areas across the state.

TLG recognises that education is key to solving a variety of issues which face our communities – which is why each semester we send hundreds of university students to rural schools throughout Western Australia to conduct one-on-one mathematics tutoring with young students facing disadvantage. Our mission is to improve the educational outcomes and aspirations of rural and Indigenous students, and to empower them to reach their full potential. Each hour of tutoring undertaken at the TLG Tutoring Centre helps fund an hour of one-on-one tutoring to kids in need on our rural programs.

How is tutoring different from teaching?

Tutoring and teaching are two very separate methods of education. A teacher is someone who imparts academic information to a class of students, and is associated only with the academic formation of their individual students. It is important to remember that all individuals learn differently, and that a teacher does not have time to personalise their teaching style to meet the needs of each student.

It is very common for school students to fall behind in class because they are not responding to their teacher's methods. Teacher’s are required to follow a standard curriculum and must get their class to reach class targets, not individual targets. This means many students fall through the gap.

A tutor fills in all the gaps that are left by a teacher's education methods, acting as a supplement to give the individual student a well-rounded understanding of content. In addition, tutors aim to improve not only academic achievement, but also social and personal skills. They are able to tailor their teaching methods to the learning style of their specific student, allowing for a maximally beneficial education. Not only this, a tutor’s impact is designed to last a long time - they teach their students not only the content required for school, but they arm their students with study skills and techniques that can revolutionise their performance with any further studies, with or without a tutor.

How is tutoring beneficial?

Tutoring can help your child academically, socially and personally. Tutors work closely with their student in order to improve on their weaknesses. If a student is able to finally conquer a topic they have never succeeded in before, their self-confidence is exponentially improved. You will see an improvement in your child’s motivation and attitude towards schooling and study, which enables them to reach their full academic potential.

Tutoring also helps build study skills that last a lifetime. This encourages students to become critical in their thinking and helps them to problem solve, giving them techniques that will help them not only during schooling but also in overcoming challenges in later life.

Tutoring offers personalised attention and learning at your own pace. It leads to improves grades, increased motivation, better self-esteem, and promotes higher levels of learning.

How long are tutoring sessions?

Tutoring sessions can be any length agreed to with the tutor, but the most effective sessions are between 1 and 2 hours, with an optimum time of 90 minutes. Having lessons at least an hour allows time for the student and tutor to reach their stride, with lessons often reaching their best productivity halfway in. This also gives the tutor more flexibility to target a broader range of priorities in the student’s learning, rather than being limited to single topics. Keeping lessons under 2 hours can also be important, as students may burn out or lose focus after paying attention for so long.

The TLG Tutoring Centre recommends sessions with our tutors of at least 1.5 hours. Longer lessons provide our tutors with greater opportunity to teach a topic or target a focus area in depth, while adapting to the student needs and abilities. The first hour is used to explain a concept and work through the theory of a topic; the last half an hour can then be used to teach how to apply the concept in problem solving and in questions.

If either party is travelling far, longer lessons are always easier to schedule, and our tutors are trained to give students minimal but impactful breaks to maintain focus.

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